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About us

We are a couple of goofy kids cleverly disguised as 40-something adults. We're also hopeless romantics. Good eaters. Seasoned sea captains, as long as it's our 15-foot skiff. Intrepid explorers, unless there are big spiders involved. Expert laughers.... and total failures at taking ourselves seriously.


But life wasn't always so.

Great White Blue Heron Sunset Florida Keys Key West mangroves, tidal sandbar, marvin key, backcountry flats, national wildlife refuge

A heron fishing at sunset in, where else, the Great White Heron National Wildlife refuge near our home.

Back when we lived in the real world, Steve ran a large awning company, working 80 hours a week in south Jersey. Karuna, the daughter of Buddhist hippies, spent her life bouncing around Colorado and the West, scraping by with freelance writing, TV and filmmaking gigs. Eventually for both, the days began to seem hectic, superficial and unfulfilled. Disillusioned, we each made our ways to the "end of the road" in the Keys, hoping to find a greater meaning.


The Keys have a knack for proving that everything happens for a reason. After some years of solo soul searching and lessons learned the hard way, the islands finally brought us together. A life with a true companion, in a peaceful place. We are thankful every day.


Our unofficial motto is "be nice." Imagine a world where everyone tried that — to one another, to all creatures, to the water, the land and the earth. It's a long shot, a worthy goal. You can steal our motto. We won't be mad.

Steve Alberts, Verdun France, Fort, Castle, Carl Sandberg, I am the grass let me work, exploring hiking

Steve at Verdun, France.

Lake reservoir abiquiu new mexico, karuna eberl, rock formation, view, georgia o'keeffe
Great Whit Heron National Wildlife Refuge Florida Key West, tidal sandbar, marvin key, backcountry flats, Ed's Boat, Hobie Power Skiff, bimini

Karuna at Lake Abiquiu, New Mexico.

"Ed's Boat," our skiff. If you see us out there, wave hi.

Wandering Dogs


Now for the big question — if we are "Wandering Dog," who is the actual canine?


Well... none right now... but there are a few we still like to run with in our dreams. In memory of our friends, who have moved on to endless meadows in which to roll, with lots of squirrels to chase and many fluffy pillows on which to sleep:

Woof woofie dog best friend smiling portrait black golden retreiver german shepherd
Dusty dog smiling happy friend mutt portrait

Bessie 1972-1988

Woofie 1981-1996

Dusty 1996-2010


"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." - Will Rogers

Wind River Mountains, green river headwaters, yellow wildflowers, border collie, sid, log cabin abandoned, meadow wyoming peaceful hike

Sid 1996-2012

... And the cat who knew them all ...

Kitty 1982-2004