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The Guerrero Project


In 1827 the pirate Spanish slave ship Guerrero sank off the coast of Florida while being pursued by a British warship. Today, a surly bank of treasure hunters, government archaeologists and African American SCUBA divers are each striving to be the first to uncover the wreck site — and to understand the relevance this piece of history holds to our modern society. Narrated by James Avery and acclaimed worldwide, from African kings to the National Association of Black Scuba Divers, who used it to launch the award-winning ongoing marine archaeology training program Diving With a Purpose. Feature documentary, directed by Karuna Eberl.


Read more about The Guerrero Project here and buy the DVD in our store.

The Boneyard


Just 80 miles down the Overseas Highway from the treasure hunting empire of Mel Fisher are a few salty controversial souls who helped him find his legacy half billion dollars in riches. When they’re not selling pieces-of-eight to pay the rent or drinking rum and singing sea chanteys, they’re still looking for the find of their lives. Hampered by political restrictions, spotty financing and dwindling health, they’re the last of a dying breed. With them will go the knowledge of infinite treasure, but until then they might be only a day away from finding the biggest bootie in the ocean.

Documentary & Film


Since 2013 when Karuna traded in her filmmaking career in Hollywood for a more human life in the Keys, we don't do much with moving pictures anymore, or even watch TV for that matter. But we did make some of it, and on this page are a couple of our favorites.


Karuna produced and managed dozens of features, TV shows, music videos, commercials and documentaries, with clients from National Geographic Channel and Discovery to UniVision and Samsung. For some of these, see her IMDB page.


When the mood or project strikes us right, we'll still dust off the video camera and editing station, so don't be shy about approaching us for your video needs. If we like the concept, we will help out and make it shine.

Art Silver Bar McKee


Considered the grandfather of modern-day treasure diving, this documentary short highlights a little of Art, and was made as part of the celebration of Art McKee Days 2013 at the History of Diving Museum, Islamorada, Florida.