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Links & Our Friends

Here are some people and organizations we particularly like, and you might too.













Oceanside Canvas

Our other business, Steve has spent decades creating masterful works of marine canvas, upholstery and awnings. Walk down Duval Street in Key West, or take a boat trip in the Lower Keys, and there's a good chance his work will keep you out of the rain, shaded from the sun and sitting cushy, even if you don't know it.


The Fingers

If you're lucky enough to catch a live performance by Lucas Elliot Eberl, a.k.a. "The Fingers," it's a musical experience you won't soon forget. The Carnegie Medal-winning pianist plays regularly in New York City, with occasional shows in Los Angeles and Boulder, Colorado. His work can also be heard in videos adapted from popular children's author Brian Selznick of The Marvels. The most talented brother in the world, according to Karuna.


 Jon Turk

Adventurer and author Jon Turk has lived an extraordinary life, full of extreme expeditions, personal tragedy, great glory and inner peace. He shares his wisdom and grand travel tales through his books, lectures and performances. For those seeking a good read or something to inspire contemplation about ourselves, the world, nature and how it all fits together, his work is not to be missed.


Capt. Carl "Fizz" Fismer

Seasoned marine treasure salver Capt. Fismer has spent 30 years finding sunken Spanish galleons and their treasure-laden cargoes across the Caribbean. He shares his stories in his new biography Uncharted Waters, on cruise ship lectures and through workshops, where he inspired and shares techniques. We've been filming Fizz for years. He's a character on the grandest levels.


Diving With a Purpose

Each year this remarkable nonprofit brings together scuba enthusiasts to train in maritime archaeology and ocean conservation, with a focus on sites of the African slave trade. Started by Kenneth Stewart, the organization has received top honors and awards, and continues to educate and engage youth and adults on a tumultuous history and ever hopeful present.


Key West Gelcoat Repair

Finding reliable boat services in the Keys can be an arduous task, so we had to include our close colleague and friend, Kyle O'Hearn on here. He provides top-quality services for everything on your hull, from color matching, to spray gelcoat to fiberglass repair, and deserves his well-earned reputation as the go-to company in the Lower Keys.