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From our home base in the Florida Keys to the Rocky Mountain West, Europe, Bhutan and beyond, we have thousands of images for use in fine art, editorial and commercial content.


In coming months we will post a more comprehensive collection online, but in the meantime, feel free to contact us for your specific needs. Also see our work in our Key West travel guide, due out in Spring 2017.


Our award-winning photography has been featured in publications and galleries. Our camera of choice is the Nikon D800.

Florida Everglades National Park, Alligator swims at Sunset
Flying seagull sunset silhouette Flordia Keys
Petroglyphs on sandstone in Utah of the Freemont Tribe
Rocky Mountain western sunflower shines by old wooden fence, San Luis Valley, Colorado.
New green leaf sprouts from dark forest floor, Everglades National Park, Florida.
Tree stump in Florida Everglades National Park looks like tree people
Inquisitive vulture on dumpster in Bahamas
Pont-du-guard, France, Roman Aqueduct at sunset, year 1 B.C.
View of San Luis Valley, Colorado
Sun rain shower on a palm frond, tropical tree
Two male pelicans swim side by side in Florida Keys
Herd of mountain goats on slickrock sandstone in Zion National Park, Utah.
RV luxury camping in tropical Bluewater RV resort, Florida Keys
Green iguana in tree, Florida Keys.
Spanish Ruins of Mura de Roda, Northern Spain, inside church cathedral
Drifwood and fallen trees on a Grand Bahama beach, ocean.
An abandoned hotel on Grand Bahama island, reclaimed by nature
Abandoned film studio lot on Grand Bahama Island.
Tropical sunset in Florida Keys Resort, Bluewater RV Park, boat docks and pier.
Ant art made of stone and wire found in Colorado Rocky Mountains.
Great Sand Dunes National Park with stream and sunset, San Luis Valley, Colorado.