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Sunset in Florida Keys backcountry sandbar with skiff and canoe boats.

Our Travel Guides

Stay tuned, it won't be long before the first one is published.


The Guerrero Project Documentary

Click here to learn more about our Guerrero Project DVD, about the search for a historic slave ship wreck and it's relevance to our world today.


There are a lot of stainless steel water bottles out there, but we like this one because of it's size -- enough water for a full work day in the sun, and it's vacuum insulation keeps ice for days even in our hot car. BPA free (except maybe the lid), and eliminates having to use the environmental scourge of disposable plastic bottles.


Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron is our favorite. It heats food evenly, feels great to cook with, can be used on the stove, grill, oven or campfire, is good for knocking out burglars, and can be passed down to your grandchildrens' grandchildren. On a serious note, though, trade in the non-stick and the aluminum pots if you haven't yet. Even if you don't believe the evidence about their ill-health effects, why risk it. This link is to Lodge brand, which is nice because it's made in the U.S.


Glass Food Storage Containers

There is a lot of evidence that keeping leftovers in plastic (or worse yet, then microwaving them in it) is terribly unhealthy. Glass containers solve this, plus higher quality ones can be put in the oven or microwave (without the lid, of course). This link is to Pyrex brand, which also have BPA-free lids.


Nikon Lens 28-300mm

Our favorite lens. It's lightweight and compact for it's telephoto capacity, very responsive and with amazing optics and stabilization. f3.5 to 5.6. It's a bit of an investment, but once you have it you will forget you even have other lenses.


Travel Tripod

We researched long and hard for a travel tripod that was capable of securely holding the weight of pro DSLR camera and lens set-up, but that didn't break the bank. Search no more, this is it.

Travel Tools & Good Stuff

Over many miles and through a multitude of trial and error, we've found some favorite tools for travel and a good life in general. Here's our collection. We will add to it when worthy items come along.


We have not received endorsement money or free products from the companies below, these are our honest favorites. But if you click on them and buy them through to Amazon.com, we will get a small percentage of that purchase, which we appreciate greatly.


We're not advocators of consumerism. To the contrary, we try to practice living simply and uncluttered. We also support re-purposing or purchasing used items and buying locally. But when buying new is necessary, we believe it's worth it to get a product that performs well and is built to last.


Click on the photos below to link to Amazon.com product pages and the Amazon.com store.*


Darn Tough Socks

The best socks ever. Comfortable, performance-oriented, just the right amount of form-fitting, but not overly constrictive. Made in Vermont by a family-run business. We've tried all of the high-tech socks out there, and these are the best. If you can put a hole in them, send them back for a lifetime warranty.


Mocreo Portable Speaker

Music, everywhere you go, for less than $40. We love our water-resistant "Mo" and take him everywhere — from shower to boat to road trip. This bluetooth sound bar has sound quality comparable to the expensive brands.


Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Whether you're diving on a reef or showering 2,000 miles away, it's becoming increasingly clear that most sunscreens, even "natural" ones, contain ingredients that make it to the fragile reefs and cause bleaching of the coral. Badger makes a zinc-oxide based reef-safe concoction, that also easily rubs into your skin without leaving white residue.


Mountain Ocean Skin Lotion

I love this lotion. It's very light and not greasy, which is particularly nice in warmer and more humid climates. It has a nice, mild coconut fragrance, which reminds me of a tropical beach. The company uses whole natural ingredients and doesn't test on animals.



During airline travel or anytime we think we might be starting to get a cold or flu, we dose up on this homeopathic remedy, and it often keeps it at bay, even when we are around a house full of sickies. We still don't know how to pronounce it, but have given it a lot of nicknames.


Fractionated Coconut Oil

This stuff is great for massages at the end of a long work or play day, or in a more romantic setting. It doesn't leave an overly oily residue and it mostly washes out of everything. An oil with a very long shelf life and touted antioxidant and disinfecting properties, it's also used for cooking, cosmetics and as an aromatherapy carrier oil.


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